Automotive Rendering / Livery


Mokushiroku – Concept Cyborg

Again, Another concept for my Portfolio.
Work in progress right now, but stay tuned for some things you wouldn’t usually see here.



The “Kansei Concept”

Total fantasy, and a way to escape from drawing cars that were already designed by someone else.
I plan to draw up some more futuristic cars and goods for my portfolio so stay tuned for some more weird stuff.

Kansei COncept ul

Project TORN update

Back to the Throttle works Chev Pick-up project.
Find more renders of this on our FB page

retro ass 1ultg

low rear compUL

RGV 500 (XR85)

Some reworking of original photographs by Farm Studios.
Recently finding some stunning XR85RGV images by James Ward, got me off illustrations and back into relighting and detailing. I will be detailing and making a few versions, and maybe with permission from James, some prints?

Anyway, Many of the same illustration / transparent render techniques are used, but this time over an existing photo.

Head over to for updates.


Lexus IS250 – Render

Recent Line art dropped in by Polylinear ended up looking a little too real and stock. So, I decided to go with a custom kit to draw more attention to this illustration. Keep an eye on for updates! Full car images and build video soon.

AW11 MR2 – 2 tone

Another version of the aw11.
Most of these images will be available in print form after july 2015.
so head to to get in quick!

2tone with advan UL

Version 2 – Full Ps Render from Line art supplied by Polylinear. for build.

Itsuro Cosmo

L10 Cosmo –

The previous version of this, halfway through I went off on a bit of a tangent.
This is pretty much how I pictured it my head from the start.
I will do some more versions in the near future.


Build –


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