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Roadkill’s last episode got me enthused enough to render up
an image of how it could look after a little rebuild.

other versions and videos up on the facebook page soon.

NASCARLO displaysmlup

AW11 Tees and Hoodies


AW11 MR2 tees available in 6 designs now at  (JDM and USDM versions)

ndt-mr2 tee


マツダ – RX- ビジョン Collaboration – Axesent and Polylinear for FORMWORKS
Mazda RX-V (RX-Vision)
check for build pics and video comming soon.



Norick Abe rode for HRC team BLUEFOX in the early 90’s all Japan Series for 500cc GP.
Sega sponsored the NSR500, with a small “sonic the hedgehog” logo.
I was asked to recreate and update the SEGA livery for an MC21 NSR.
This is what I came up with.
MC21 SE to be built like this and displayed soon.
Big thank you to HRC and Honda research and development in Asaka, Japan.

sega 2ulznewz

E21 – With Polylinear

Another project with Line art supplied by Polylinear
Still quite a way to go.

Rover SD1 Scraps

Always wondered what the SD1 Vitesse would look like if it were a 2 door.
So a while ago I did a few versions. These are not yet the final versions, still some detailing left.


900SS Styling Update

Redesign concept scraps.

Over Image Render –
Rendered and redesigned the tank, tail and fairing of the Ducati 900 SS / SL
This includes cooling ducts to feed the rear cylinder.900ss UL

Original Image owner unknown.

Lotus – Senna Tees

Awaiting instructions from the Senna foundation to produce a small amount of these.
If the answer is no, I will be giving 4 of these away on

Stay Tuned.


MAKI Tees (Etsuko Shihomi)

Etsuko Shihomi as Maki in ‘Wakai kizoku–tachi: 13-kaidan no Maki‘ ( (華麗なる貴族たち 13階段のマキ), known in English as Maki’s 13 Steps.
Digital Illustration of the famous promotional shoot and available in a limited number of tees.
These will only be very limited (10 prints and that’s it!), so we don’t tread on any “movie depiction copyright” toes
So, if you’re keen, head to and stay tuned for updates.
Planned release is Mid Sep 2015.


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